Tips for braces pain

Most likely in the span of yourTips for braces pain - Nail cutter for emergency repair or your kid’s treatment, there will be a braces “emergency” (like a broken bracket or poking wire or other braces associated pain). If this happens, do not panic and please try some of our following tips for braces pain.

Our first priority is to make sure that everyone is not in any discomfort. Sometimes a broken brace can lead to a poking wire, which can cause discomfort. If this happens, we simply need to cut the wire so that nothing is poking in the mouth. There are 2 ways to do this:

1) Contact us! Often we are able to address the issue over the phone. If we need to set up a brief “emergency appointment,” where you will come in to the office, we’ll either replace the brace back on to the teeth or just cut the wire for you

2) Try cutting it with some fingernail cutters (see photo) if you are unable to come in to the office. Sometimes a poking wire can also Tips for braces pain - Nail cutter for emergency repairbe fixed by pushing it closer to the teeth with a pencil eraser as well (see photo).

If possible, please try and save the brace in a plastic bag and we may be able to re-attach it at your next appointment.

If the wire is long but it isn’t poking you or your kid, a lot of times you can go until the next appointment. Again, the question that needs to be answered is “Are you (or your child) in any discomfort?” If so, we need to cut the wire. If not, we can wait until the next appointment and just put wax on the wire (see photo) to help out until then.

Sometimes broken braces happen between other braces, and thus, the wire is not poking and the brace stays on the wire. It just feels loose on the wire. If this happens, just call our office to let us know, and frequently, we can just take care of it at your next appointment.

If the broken brace or wire is due to an accident (for example in sports), we want to make sure that you are not in any discomfort. If the accident is severe, then please call 911, call your medical physician, or go to the emergency room for medical care. We can always address any orthodontic problems (putting any broken braces back on) after you or your child are feeling better.

If there is an appliance in addition to the braces (like an expander on the roof of the mouth) and it becomes loose, just call our office. We’ll either set up an Tips for braces pain - Patient uses wax on their braces to help with irritationemergency visit to replace it, or if it’s not that loose or bothersome, we’ll just replace it at the next appointment. If the appliance is extremely loose and becomes bothersome, just take it out of the mouth, save it in a plastic bag, and call our office to see if an emergency visit is needed.

These are just some of the many tips for braces pain and how to confidently address them. However, there are also other kinds of emergencies. So, the important thing to remember is if something doesn’t seem right and is causing a problem, ALWAYS JUST CALL OUR OFFICE. We have an emergency number to call if you have any concerns after our normal business hours or during weekends as well.


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