Eating Rules for Braces

Now that you have , there are a few eating rules that will help make your experience more smooth, easy, and enjoyable. Some say getting orthodontic treatment is also like going on a forced diet because of the eating restrictions – and we don’t even charge for the “diet” part of the treatment :). However, everything will be fine, and you will still be able to eat what you like eventually as long as we follow some simple guidelines:

1. We want to avoid foods (especially at the beginning of your treatment) that are: hard, sticky, or sugary.

Hard or Crunchy Foods:  We want to avoid hard and crunchy foods because we don’t want broken or loose braces, wires, and/or appliances, which may lead to discomfort, emergency visits, and/or prolonged treatment. Such foods include: chips, popcorn, nuts, crispy bacon, hard cookies, pizza crusts, certain fruits and vegetables, and so forth.

In addition, things that are bulky or layered (like bagels, sandwiches, etc.) may seem soft before eating them, but when we bite down on them and make them thinner, they are not soft anymore. So, beware of those kinds of soft but layered/bulky foods.

Many foods become easier to eat when we cut them up into smaller pieces (like apples, meats, carrots, etc.). By cutting things up into smaller pieces, we will have less broken braces and emergencies.

Sticky or Chewy FoodsSticky and chewy foods can easily get stuck in the braces and can be a hassle to remove. Such foods include: caramel, taffy, Sour Patch Kids and other gummies.

Sugary Foods: We want to minimize foods with a lot of sugar in them (especially candy and soda) because they can cause cavities and gum disease. However, we understand that avoiding these kinds of food during the entire treatment may be unrealistic. So, if you do eat these kinds of foods occasionally, we recommend that you brush your teeth right after to keep your mouth clean and cavity-free.

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