Early Treatment

Orthodontic Evaluation Recommended by Age 7

Evaluation Recommended by Age 7

Why does the American Association of Orthodontists recommend for your child to get an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7?

1. Early detection and early treatment is always better than having to deal with a something once it has already started to cause problems.  Because of Dr. Webster’s advanced training at UCLA and our modern technology, we are able to catch orthodontic problems early before they begin to cause issues. This will not only lead to better overall treatment but the treatment will not be as long, complicated or expensive. We want what’s best for our patients in every regard.

2. Even if there seems to be nothing wrong with your child’s smile or bite, an orthodontic evaluation can frequently identify any issues that may be unnoticeable just by looking in the mouth. Dr. Webster performs a thorough examination on each of his patients, which includes assessing digital x-rays of the mouth, the jaw joint, health of the gums and soft tissues, development of the jaws, and making sure the teeth are erupting and situating well.

3. Most of the time, orthodontic treatment is not needed at this early of an age. However, there are instances where if interceptive treatment is not started immediately at this age, we may lose the “window of opportunity” to easily address any critical problems. If that “window of opportunity” passes by, we either have a much harder treatment to deal with in the future (for example extracting permanent teeth and/or jaw surgery) or possibly nothing could be done at all about it. We don’t want this for our patients and that’s why we join A.A.O. in recommending that each young person come in for a FREE Smile Consultation by age 7. We’d rather be safe than sorry and it’s no risk to you or your family because IT’S FREE!! 🙂

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